Body Piercing Favors – Body piercing pain levels

Body Piercing Favors – Body piercing pain levels

Body Piercing is becoming more and more interesting and attractive with each year. Having a piercing today is not so strange as it used to be and it is after all the thing that can embellish your look and attract some attention. If you are body piercing lover and you still did not overcome the dilemma of doing it or not, maybe this will help you. When people are talking about piercings, the first thing they want to ask is “Did that hurt?” Here are the answers.

The first thing you need to know that the pain level is individual, everyone can have a different experience. There is also an opinion that the more you think piercing will hurt the less it actually will, we cannot claim that this is the truth but it is certain that the pain you imagine can sometimes be unrealistic. Depending on the body part they are on and your skin some piercings can hurt more and some can hurt less, they can also hurt only for a moment, others can hurt during the healing more than during drilling. However, aside everything we already said, piercings can still be scaled on some kind of pain level table.


Before you decide where you want to put your piercing, look at this table and then go and do it.

The least painful piercings are the ones that cause you the least pain and discomfort than any other, some people say that they do not hurt at all, but how we already mentioned pain is an individual thing. Earlobe piercing is the basic piercing, it is usually done with a needle-like it should be done, piercing your ear with a piercing gun can be slightly more painful but this is ,in general, the least painful piercing, there is no pain at all except burning sensation you can feel after piercing. Eyebrow piercing also does not cause pain during the piercing but the healing process can be tricky, that is why you have to be careful and pay attention to your eyebrow. Navel , Smiley, upper lip and tongue web piercing are also the least painful piercings.

Piercings that can cause some pain and discomfort but even if it does it lasts only for a little while, these kinds of piercings are Inverse Navel, Nostril, Septum, Ear cartilage, Lip and Tongue piercings. Most people are having a hard time believing that the septum piercing really does not hurt much, the thing is that the part of your nose that is pierced is actually a thin layer of skin not nose cartilage as people think.
The most painful piercings are the ones that cause the most pain and discomfort to your body and skin, however, this can also depend on your pain level, your anatomy and many more conditions. The most painful piercings are Nipple, Corset and Genital piercings. These piercings are said to be most painful because of the sensitive areas of the piercing. Gum and eye lids piercings are also the most painful ones but they are not so common as other types of piercings. Nerve-rich and a sensitive area are the reason of the great pain piercing causes.

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Body piercing and proper care

Body piercing and proper care

jeweled-ear-piercings-320x320Body piercing, especially ear piercing, is very popular among young people. There are a lot of people that often decide to do piercing in so many different places. As I mentioned, the most popular is definitely ear piercing, especially among the girls. The extreme ones choose tongue or navel. This fact often drives parents crazy, because this is some kind of rebellion. Although parents don’t like it, it can’t go without noticing that piercing is a part of some ancient culture and they often allow their children to do it, and the next question is which one is the less painful, or what kind of care you need to apply ?

Care depends on the location of piercing, but in any case, it requires better attention, at least in the first period. The ear is made up of two parts, skin and cartilage and it is the only body part that can be drilled in many ways. There are variations of ear piercing and it is definitely still the most popular place for piercing.

6a3212f9a3a7a330658007ef54e4de0fJewelry that can be used also varies, from size to shape and purpose. People say that the only discomfort when drilling ears it is about is the difficulty during the sleep. Different people have different levels of tolerance for pain and tenderness after ear piercing. The experiences are different; some of the clients who were subjected of piercing said that it was really painful, while others said that it didn’t hurt them at all. Although that word of mouth is the best advertisement, we have to underline that this depends on whom are you asking for information. I if you have any doubts or misunderstanding you can always contact us for any question.

When we talk about care and treatment after piercing then you should memorize that there is no better treatment than salt water and hydrogen. Theoretically, the possibility of infection is minimal, but you should be careful and clean regularly drilled places and earrings or metal used in piercing.
In ordinary cases, there is no need to take out the jewelry, just cleaning and hygiene, despite the ugly look, there is no need to worry because the process of regeneration is very fast. However, if you feel strong pain if they started to fester and bleed, then you should remove the jewelry because it is possible that there is a sensitivity to the metal, which is in your ears. In the case of infection, you should immediately remove jewelry and ask a doctor for advice – which care or treatment he will provide will depend on the degree infection. It is recommended to use gold for the first piercing because the human body isn’t allergic to it. You should wear golden earrings at least for the first period. In this way, you will avoid all kind of possible infection and spare yourself of complications and unnecessarily infections.

Whether you are going to drill your ear or any other place the care is mostly the same.
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